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Message Subject The GODDESS has arrived.
Poster Handle ~Una~
Post Content
i don't feel the compassion.
i just feel used and thrown away.
 Quoting: xxx 10875430

The Goddess treats those how they treat Her. Why should I keep giving My love when it is not returned, I'm saving it for Myself for now.
 Quoting: esotericabyss

we're all hurting.
the big hurt has been on for close to ten thousand
years, now, with the imbalance the gender psyches, each
seeking the power over one over the other.
the patriarch has held sway far too long, bringing us
perilously close to the precipice of extinction.
withholding love is the surest way to guarantee the moment
we tip over into the abyss of no return.
you, of course, contain goddess spirit within you, but
i see your vehicle for her presence as still being
. .there can not be any limitation of love or
else it is not truly love. open your heart, go beyond
your personal pain of what ever it was that hurt you and
find the meaning of immeasurable joy, and all consuming love.
 Quoting: xxx 10875430

You are quite correct xxx and you have posted some wise words on this thread
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