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Message Subject The GODDESS has arrived.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I will let some in on a few things since I have been watching and reading what many have to say and what they feel about the goddess of the earth, or to make more clear the mother who gives physical birth to all the father creates for the son to take care of.

Here's, for you to know where you are right

1) She is here in human form, just like the son was and will be again.

2) She was awaken in the summer 2011. And was told by god who she was and her relation to the Godhead ( I have posted before about this on this thread). Since that time she has been finding out the truth, with God as her teacher.

3) The more she learns, the stronger she gets( also the more pissed off she has become) and the more the earth reacts to her feelings towards mankind itself.

4) She is weak, her love is gone, but is starting to become strong and the cold weather are signs of her awakening and her strength.

Now some things many don't know, and I also want to let the children know, that all is revailed in due time and nothing can change that, because that is gods plan. Exp. You turning you head or even better reading this right now is Gods plan from the beinning.

1) She has been learning about her son and well blunt way to put this, is going to trip out soon then she sees all man has done to hin and his teachings.

2) She is already upset about the fact that she can not feel the real feeling of love in this world on her planet. And the longer it takes her to find it the more the earth will destroy mankind. Until she feels that the ones who have destroyed her first love, the one the son tried to teach the world is restored, she will not stop.

3) She will be breaking down soon to cry over what the world has done with the love of her son and how they have cut up his words to make them useful in their own manner. This sorrow will cause a huge effect on the planet and fast.

And before I go, as for the bible parts are true , not all, FACT, so learn the words of the son Jesus and start there and he will help you find the truth about mankind, he is the light inside you.

Good Bless All

 Quoting: ELLE 1495155

Its funny you said this because 2 weeks ago i told to my mom : wait until mary finds out what they did to her son. she is gonna be pissed.

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