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Message Subject What do Atheists and non-believers want GOD to do, so they will believe?
Poster Handle Celt
Post Content

What standart lol ? He threatens us with eternal hell if I can't find him(According to Islam and Christianity ) yet you tell me I need to seek him with his standarts, how the fuck someone ever know his standarts before knowing him.

Shut the fuck up man, as I said, do not try to prove your point, less you loss it without even knowing wtf happened.
 Quoting: Gabriel_Angelos

You don't know..So you can't even begin to understand....
 Quoting: christian

Now being cocky for your stupid faith ? Let me tell you something, I believed for 17 straight years that Allah was the Only and One Creator and scared the shit out of doing anything Islam forbids. But later I think about it and see how stupid I was, %99.99 of the believers believe BECAUSE they are born in a family believes in THAT Religion.

And I started to look out for God SINCERELY first time in my life, I searched for the TRUTH sincerely, not for fear of hell nor passion of heaven, I searched just for THE TRUTH. I started with articles on every kind of religion and their bibles ( Yes that include your Bible aswell, even Torah. ) and I've found one thing, it is impossible for a logical person to accept a religion just by reading holy books and scriptures.

So I had one option left, to cry out to God and show me the path to him, I wasn't asking for heaven nor seeking shelter from hell, I was asking for THE TRUTH, who is he/she or what should I do to find him/her ? AND Nothing. Not a thing, not a slightest thing. God doesn't respond to a person which seek him constantly and you religious people come and be a cocky about it and try to prove something againist me ?

Let me tell you something, you can't prove a shit even to a sheep, let alone atheists.
 Quoting: Gabriel_Angelos


 Quoting: christian

It doesn't matter what god you are crying out to, the whole thing is a fabricated myth!!!! Besides, the only dieties who have been so kind as to reveal themselves to me were Manannan Mac Lir, Anubis and Hokomok. The first 2 are underworld dieties, both carrying the dead to the otherworld, according to myths...the 3rd is a native american diety known as the god of death, rot and decay. He revealed himself to me to teach me a lesson. I was living in an apartment complex, that had been built on what was formerly a native american burial ground, and to speak his name is a curse, according to natives. As for worshipping any of them, forget it. That was never a requirement, nor was it ever even requested. I respect all 3 of them for whatever they may be, particularly Manannan, as he has helped me in my quest for understanding my past, where I came from and why I'm here. He is a spirit guide to me. Believe what you want, but those of us who seek truth, will find it, while you will remain trapped within a fairytale, unless you ever make the choice to wake up.
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