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Message Subject What do Atheists and non-believers want GOD to do, so they will believe?
Poster Handle Arc-en-ciel
Post Content
The Love is that...He died on the cross and resurrected so we did not have to suffer eternally....Those babies that are raped and killed go right back to GOD and they remember NOTHING of the Pain and suffering they endured on earth..
The ones who did the Killing and Suffering will, as they will feel the internal pain they gave to other's.....
 Quoting: christian

The mere fact that violent facts (can) exist isn't defensible. That's not love. If I was god, omnipotent and all that jazz, I wouldn't allow that. So I'm better than god, and god can gtfo.

Check the definition of 'omnipotent' guys, and try to THINK.
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