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TAT TVAM ASI: THAT THOU ART is the sum total.

Thoth, as repositor of knowledge is also mutable as Horus, having several mercurial embodiments. As he comes in many forms there are many interpretations, dependant on the perspective and position of the acolyte.
 Quoting: Dionysian Fullaflatus

Dion, tell me more about the self born and the one born from the Rock of the Philosophers Stone.

Its the final initiation they say.

Does it really begin in Aries and end in Pisces? the Secret of the Logoi, the Serpent, the self born.

Thoth, Horus, Hermes, Mithras, Christ, All to look up to I think.

I'm currently trying to decipher the emanation(s) of the octahedral hum as the representation of the platonic solid on our earthly frequencies. If you look earlier in the fool conversation I left a few interpretation of the Logoi as Egyptian mystery schools were interred into Grecian traditions and shortly thereafter Roman Ju-pater/Ju-Mater worship.

The embodiments of the heel of Ra and the transference of Isis and Nephthys into the personages of Ceres and Demeter. The Logoi were described by Philo Judeas as coming into being as a Vision percieved of sound, essentially synaesthesia. It manifests itself much like the Aeonic flux of direct tonal and visual media manifesting in the subconciousness.

My interpretation is one given to washing away the preconceptions and opening the conduit of red-blue kundalini. Again a symbolism of the fire that washes. The recognition of the neutral hum. This is the rebirth of potentialities.

As to the significance of the Ram and Fish, at this moment, I am at a loss, but subconcious exploration always opens doors.
 Quoting: Dionysian Fullaflatus

And the doors of perception are open: It's not specifically about the Aries-Pisces transition. It's a larger schema interred again in the physical representations of Egypts temples and their subsequent Lunar and Solar aspects.

I outlined this in previous posts I'm tossing out on the eschatological Age and active personality filters. It also inters the personalities of Tefnut and Shu as the Hindu concepts of Ida and Pingala-The self born Lion headed gods.

Abydos (Cancer) represents the threshold of death and the first steps on the road to ascension of divine spirit. Cancer is representative of the dual nature of the ba and ka.

As we move into the interior towards the present day Aswan and Lake Nasser, we move into the more esoteric solar mysteries through the astrologic tables. Taurus takes us across the the celestial equator from the vantage point of our ecliptic plane. As we reach elephantine and cross the equator once again through sagittarius and finally Scorpio we leave the crown chakra and ascend to divine spirit.

Pisces and Aries are consequently the throat and heart chakras. Intermediaries in the way of ascension.

To watch the dusk Sun and trace it as it falls to the south into death and is reborn in the east is to trace the duat and to literally see the Valley of the Shadow of Death and have the phrase 'go west, young man' take on a whole new meaning.

You now owe me a German beer brewed under the purity act of course.
 Quoting: Dionysian Fullaflatus

reinheistgebot!! oh goodness i love the beer!!!!
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