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Message Subject Doctors Now ‘Firing’ Patients Who Reject Vaccination
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My first child is 21 years now. She's never had a vaccination. She's the healthiest person you could meet. I had her with a Nurse Midwife. At the time I was breaking the law for having her at home. I learned through parenting education classes taken through her and her assistant that vaccinations could be harmful.

I learned that since 1977 according to Lee Salk the developer of the polio vaccine that the only cases of polio were from the live polio vaccine.

I learned that the government has had a longstanding fund set up for those individuals who have been irreparably harmed or killed through vaccinations.

I told my pediatrician that I had learned about various dangers associated with vaccines and could he please as a proponent of vaccines please lead me to literature or books about the safety and necessity of vaccines.

His response,"I'm not going to stand on my head for you."

This was in 1990.

I've had 4 children. None of them have been vaccinated. None of them have ever had anything more than a mild cold which we treat with homeopathic medicines which are completely safe in any amount.
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