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Message Subject UK..Incurable virus killing thousands of sheep.
Poster Handle Antherot
Post Content
A positive confirmed German bison.....!

[link to realinfos.wordpress.com]

Epidemiological update: Schmallenberg virus isolated from ruminants in the European Union, potential implications for human health

[link to ecdc.europa.eu]

VIRUS SCHMALLENBERG: 152 exploitations affected in France, more than 1.400 in Europe, of which a first case in Italy

[link to realinfos.wordpress.com]

VIRUS SCHMALLENBERG: recommendations of caution to the farmers and to the pregnant women!

[link to realinfos.wordpress.com]

A possible probléme of vaccination!?

A meditative comment here:

[link to blog.santelog.com]

"" Sirs, Ladies, during the last compulsory vaccination, against both sérotypes 8 and 1 of the FCO, at the risk of legal proceedings, we made notice, by services of the DDTM, the hurts provoked in the points of injection, and during births, a large number of lambs presented deformations very similar to those whom you attribute to the Virus Schmallenberg. Few lambs survived, and in which state! We deducted from it, that the vaccine which was imposed on us, contaminated our ewes, because we have probably, already, received the result of a transfer(transformation), as that described in the Netherlands.
During the summer, 2010, we did not renew any more this vaccination, to see these events reproducing, and, effectively, our ewes gave birth to normal lambs.
We thank you, Sirs and Ladies, sincerely, to have ended this obligation to inoculate, which(who) caused us a considerable damage. "
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