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Message Subject UK..Incurable virus killing thousands of sheep.
Poster Handle DoubleHelix
Post Content
I just wanted to clear up one thing about the radiation idea.

Yes we have some man made radiation floating around that eventually gets cleared up naturally.

[link to georgewashington2.blogspot.com]

But it mostly is the radiation coming from space and breaking through our weak magnetosphere.

It is affecting the entire world.

That's why we are seeing this so called virus affecting more than one species.

I virus rarely mutates from one species to the other.

The ones that do are useuly spliced in a lab.

[link to www.worsleyschool.net]

All living things are susceptible to viral infections ... plants, animals, or bacteria can all be infected by a virus specific for that type of organism. Moreover, within an individual species there may be a hundred or more different viruses which can infect that species alone. There are viruses which infect only humans (for example, smallpox), viruses which infect humans and one or two additional kinds of animals (for example, influenza), viruses which infect only a certain kind of plant (for example, the tobacco mosaic virus), and some viruses which infect only a particular species of bacteria (for example, the bacteriophage which infects E. coli).
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