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Message Subject The monsters wakes up ! Katla Hekla Iceland Dead Zone and rift as uniform system ! A lot of others worldwide !
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And now the most important: conclusions on the basis of mentioned above GPS data ( [link to strokkur.raunvis.hi.is]

[link to volcanocafe.wordpress.com]

"GeoLurking says:
February 22, 2012 at 07:20
Err… Carl, you have mail.

I’m apprehensive to post it myself, and can re-do the image for clarity if you like. The data was from the link you provided.

I’m not quite sure what to make of it myself. Hekla is a pretty dynamic system.

GeoLurking says:
February 22, 2012 at 07:21
Oh yeah, its vertical uplift and/or subsidence… no lateral offset BS. The real deal"

OK, let's wait for their final conclusions.

In the meantime we will remember that as it is known near Iceland there is a border of two lithospheric plates - Euroasian and North American, and that it is a "paper clip" as though connecting them.
Thus near to Iceland there is Greenland , and all of us know about catastrophic melting of the Greenland glaciers, that is about strong reduction of its weight pressing on edge of a North American plate. With reduction of this pressure loading of a North American plate aspiring upwards on the "paper clip" middle accordingly strongly increases. Let's look at a chart with borders of tectonic plates and a chart with a chain of volcanoes and fissures (coinciding with them)
[link to static.businessinsider.com]
Let's look then at a chart coinciding with them recent both flowing quakes and a tremor (microseism)

[link to en.vedur.is]

[link to hraun.vedur.is]

and let attentively observe of the further succession of events.
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