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Message Subject The monsters wakes up ! Katla Hekla Iceland Dead Zone and rift as uniform system ! A lot of others worldwide !
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Birth of a new volcano or allien shuttle ?

Patomsky crater

IMAGE ( [link to i42.tinypic.com] )

From inaccessible area in Siberia expedition of scientists which study the reason of occurrence of mysterious object the Patomsky crater has returned. As it was found out, when that round it there was a zone of raised radiation, and on depth there is a formation with unusual properties.
Results of the largest expedition to the Patomsky crater have got sensational interpretation. A huge funnel in a taiga, height 40 meters, diameter 86.
[link to www.ntv.ru]

[link to planeta.moy.su]
Now scientists in Moscow and Irkutsk still analyze the materials brought by us. But the first conclusions can be made:

- It is more than similar anomalies anywhere in the world doesn't exist;

- Its age - approximately 250 years, and our crater, much to our regret, isn't connected in any way with the Tungus meteorite;

- «The Nest of a fiery eagle» isn't radioactive, but round it there is a serious magnetic anomaly. Presumably its reason is the certain metal object lying on depth 100 - 150 meters;

- A crater till now "live" - it and now changes the form rising falling.

The head of geological group professor Victor Antipin even is assured of our expedition that underground there was not one, and some strange events. He considers that there was at least three underground explosions or something another during a small time interval. And thanks to it three times on a surface threw out stony breeds which have formed a crater. But why and as it has occurred in the same place, scientists yet don't understand. The most part of scientific experts of expedition tend to that is a question about very unusual both on structure, and on properties a meteorite. As similar precedents in the history our planet already were.
... ...

In the summer the group of the doctor of geologo-mineralogical sciences of Alexander DMITRIEV of Irkutsk state technical university managed to find out in a crater magnetic anomaly. Approximately on depth of 150 meters there is something from iron or other material reminding it on properties. A meteorite? But "Nest" under the form isn't so similar to other traces of bombardment of the Earth from space. One more expert, the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences Igor SIMONOV from the Moscow institute of problems of mechanics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, has spent a series of experiments, has constructed model and has proved that the crater could be formed from falling of a certain cylindrical object of a superdense material. On the Earth such material isn't present, but somewhere in space, Igor Valentinovich believes, can quite exist.

As well as it is necessary in the scientific world, doctor Simonov has presented the work on court of colleagues. And soon the senior research assistant, Cand.Tech.Sci. Igor YERMOLAEV from Institute of mechanics of the Moscow State University has spent one more series of experiments and has proved that the falling object could be not only the cylinder, but also two bodies, flying one behind another with a speed more than 6,5 km/s!

- At blow about a surface the first object has blown up, having formed the big crater, - Igor Konstantinovich, - and the second speaks, without having had time to collapse, because of explosion has lowered speed, presumably to 1,5 km/s, and has entered into a ground.

- But two meteorites can't fly one after another, getting to one point! Even if one big body would break up in air pieces would scatter every which way...

- Truly. Therefore I even can't present the nature of this strange object. I don't know that it.
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