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Message Subject The monsters wakes up ! Katla Hekla Iceland Dead Zone and rift as uniform system ! A lot of others worldwide !
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[link to arcticclimateemergency.com]
...The Russian research estimates that methane venting to the atmosphere from the ESAS "is on par with previous estimates of methane venting from the entire World Ocean." There is potentially an enormous amount of methane below the ESAS. "Remobilization to the atmosphere of only a small fraction of the methane held in East Siberian Arctic Shelf (ESAS) sediments could trigger abrupt climate warming."
...In conclusion, the amount of carbon on the ESAS is estimated to be double all the carbon in the atmosphere. If global warming is allowed to progress or if other Arctic methane carbon feedback sources (wetlands and land permafrost) are not stabilized, methane hydrates will emit methane in catastrophic amounts and no one knows when that could happen.

[link to uk.groups.yahoo.com]
...I've tried to do some correlation between the three areas and geomorphology by putting maps side by side: [1] and [2]. It's very strange. I can't see any obvious seabed geomorphic features. The three areas of the hotspots seem to include bits of shelf, shelf margin and basin. So the three areas may just where sub-seabed methane happens to be: perhaps as methane hydrate, perhaps as methane gas under thawing permafrost, or perhaps as a mixture of the two...
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