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Message Subject The monsters wakes up ! Katla Hekla Iceland Dead Zone and rift as uniform system ! A lot of others worldwide !
Poster Handle Luisport
Post Content
Is Torfajökull sleeping giant?


Torfajökull last erupted in 1480 and that same year was born explorer Ferdinand Magellan and the recent Ghirlandajo Domenico painted the holy Jeremias in glasses (which has since become the patron saint of eye target). The glacier is named after the Turf Jonsson cleaved from the country in the Rangárvellir, which was at war with many and was the first instance renown to Lenhardt sheriff of life. Because of the pestilence that came up immigrate he immigrated from cleft and the National Human News right Tofajökul.

Torfajökull volcano is in many ways remarkable. The box, which is the largest calderas in the country covering over 200 square kilometers and is the center of her Hrafntinnusker. Evidence of a formidable þeytigos in the system that have returned up to 20 km3. of soda-respect. Angi from Bardarbunga system extends into Torfajökull system and has caused repeated magma intrusions into it. Magma can also pass from the west, from the water mount system, possibly related to its side. The plot seems to repeat itself quite regularly at 6-700 years, starting around the year 100, then 870 and last year in 1480 and should therefore be taken to fly to a new eruption. It is possible that the increased turbulence in Bardarbunga past two decades may eventually lead to a surge soda and rekhrinu in this area. Giant Turf will now be waking up to life all by surprise? [link to juliusvalsson.blog.is]
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