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Message Subject Mountain man scares owners of remote Utah cabins, leaves note warning, 'Get off my mountain'
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
this guy should have his own reality show comparwed to those guys that get dropped off out in the sticks for a day or two he has lived off of the land and his wits for years.
 Quoting: thetrickybigguy

is it so impressive ?

look at Grzzly bears they have a brain the size of a walnut and they live on their wits as well
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1496863

could you live out in the mountains by yourself for five years?

if you could that would be impressive.
 Quoting: thetrickybigguy

I'm not impressed. Worked for the forest service
and there were more than a few that lived off of
the campgrounds. People go fishing or swimming
and return to find their coolers gone or empty.
They are naive to think that crime is not rampant
in the forest. I have also lived remotely and
had people break in for a number of reasons.
Once flooding, mostly drugged and drunk, looking
for freebies and cheap thrills. Had my unders
drawer rifled though which raised my ire.
They settled on the vacuum cleaner though which
they took with them. Oh, and of course, food
and water. Often they would come to use the
phone having discovered they had no cell phone
signal out next to nowhere. I had a dobie
as a doorbell so for the most part felt safe.
I would not recommend life out in the remote
woods for the faint of heart though. There is
more company than you imagine especially when
the weekend warriors go looking for trouble
in the woods and think they have stumbled
on a vacant cabin only to find me and a gun
backing up the bark of a well trained doberman.

Its only a matter of time before this guy
finds someone like me sitting in the dark waiting
for him. Now that cameras are also easily
available, and solar, its just a matter of
time before he finds trouble, or it finds him.
The difference between him and real self-
reliant mountain men is integrity. I do not
want what is not mine...that this guy does
makes him a thief and I have no use for
thieves and may as well not encourage them.
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