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Message Subject Obama burying 'Hope and Change' for a new slogan
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
In the history of presidential politics there has never been an reelection that will be this easy and it would notmatter if the slogan was as simple as "do that to me one more time"! LOL!
 Quoting: ac 1053923

Do that to me one more time?

No, that should have been after the Bush years. Meet the new boss! Same corruption, swindles and lies as the old boss.

Once again, the leftist peons cannot see what the leftist oligarchs are doing to them. As they fall for the hope and change dogma the oligarchs laugh as their excess increases and the sheople pain also increases.

Eventually the oligarchs will pay but it will be a long time from now. Leftist peons are stupid and they always will be. Cowards in life, they will be swept away.

America is returning. The American Patriot is about to rise again. After the sheople wither and die, the patriots will have you for lunch. The laughing will be of a different sort then.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10524605

Yes!! lefty IS on the menu, albeit the 2.99 special...
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