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Message Subject AZ Sheriff Babeur caught red handed blackmailing immigrant for sex or face deportation
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
They have many rights, just like you.

The right to a fair trial, etc, etc.

Would you like to live in a country where ANYONE can be accused to be illegal and deported without due process.

This is how the left and the right play the people against each other, with the goal of diminishing our rights.

Illegal aliens cannot, merely because they broke the law, be hunted down like animals or make into sex slaves.

They have the right to due process. If found guilty, they can be deported.

They have the same rights any accused criminal has, which are a lot.

from the article

""Jose came to our firm because he felt he was being intimidated, and he was in fear for his life," Weiss-Riner says. "He wanted his legal rights protected.""

ummm excuse me,
what legal rights does an illegal
immigrant have ???

He's not even supposed to be
in this country. That was the
very first crime in this case.

He's here illegally !!!

His only right should be a
good swift kick in the @$$
as he's sent packing back
across the border.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11051083
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