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Message Subject AZ Sheriff Babeur caught red handed blackmailing immigrant for sex or face deportation
Poster Handle Gthree777
Post Content
I live in AZ. This story is being covered 24/7 right now.

So let me first say this- if everyone here is posting their thoughts based on just the New Times article.... Your a mindless sheep. Fact.
The NT is the most biased progressive rag out there. Their story is 100% on Jose's account. They are a sensationalist publication. Nothing more.

Second: get some facts straight. There's no eveidence of any blackmail, threats or anything being made by the sherrif. Jose was apparently NOT an illegal. He was in the US on a workers visa. Therefore, this has Nothing to do with illegal imigration. This is a simple case of a jilted ex-lover going on the attack. The sherrif did a press conf yesterday. Look it up on AzCentral. He admits he's gay, and denies all the other allegations. Innocent untill proven guilty. You all come on here and preach about how the government is taking away our rights. Yet the moment this kind of story pops up, you flip flop and become one of Them! Like a frenzied which hunt ready to convict this guy because of some propoganda machine news paper article. Shame on you and your weak minds. You think you're so awake, just because your dreams are different than the sheeple you make fun of. Yet you miss the point, You're still asleep and just dreaming a different dream...

That said. Yes there is some weird shit going on with this whole story. There probbably is a lot more going on here. The thing you should be doing is Researching it. Not just jumping on the whole "Fuck the police" bandwagon.

There's a reson why Jose and his lawyer went straight to the NT with this story. And not to the authorities to press charges?

There's a reason why Jose stole the sherriff identity and started posting things on gay web sites under the sherriff name.

There's a reson behind this. I don't know what exactly just yet. But my gut tells me it's related to what's going on across the country with local sherriffs everywhere. It's also possibly related to Gov Brewers new plan to start a citizens voluntary Militia. That's where the story is and that's where the timing of this and the coincidences start to show.
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