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Message Subject AZ Sheriff Babeur caught red handed blackmailing immigrant for sex or face deportation
Poster Handle Miss Kitty
Post Content
Who was threatening to tell is the real question? A gay closeted republican sheriff now running for the US Senate or Congress? And apparently he has a taste for Chorizo and appears to have had plenty of that particular brand of it.

So who is blackmailing whom is the real question.

If the guy had the balls to admit that a.) he was gay, and b.) the man in question had been his lover for a time, I'd probably vote for him! However the ball less - closeted lying bullshit (that seems to be ubiquitous among republicans who happen to be gay) is insufferable.

IF (and it's a HUGE IF) the man had the courage of his convictions, and the balls to be honest, he would be worthy of our support and respect. Sadly, this is not to be the case. Dear Sheriff Babeur will be back in the closet taking another hispanic boyfriend along with him, hoping the public doesn't snap to the fact that they are more than merely friends.
 Quoting: MarkinAZ

Oh come on now! You have to admit the good sheriff does indeed meet everyone of the criteria to make a most excellent senator or congressman. He even shows initiative to become one of the best (any position) White House staff members and perhaps would do a better (bang up) job at Eric Holder's "position" since the good sheriff's expertise has been in dealing in .... Oh sorry, Freudian slip there .... with illegals. I challenge you to find anyone any more qualified for all those positions ... er .. jobs.
And by the way Markin .. there is no worse hypocrite than a Democrat Liberal Communist trying to be a good guy!
Get over the Right and Left shit! They are a ALL the SAME and not one is worth a damn!
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