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Message Subject FDA Approves ‘Laser Dazzler’ for Use by Law Enforcement
Poster Handle SuperTK
Post Content
I am not that impressed.

I actually built a laser "web" for home defense. I have a long hallway that can be totally saturated with high power lasers.

There is not a single place you can go in the hallway (25+ feet long too) where you will not get blinded by the lasers.

I have protective glasses (for me and gf) that we can place on and pass up and down the hallway after hitting a button to activate the laser web.

Anyone entering the hallway not knowing what is there (and they will not) will be a sitting duck and which point if they are armed invaders they will meet certain doom at our hands.

Defensive systems are just as important as offensive.

I built this using the highest power lasers easily purchased online... and servos with mirrors.

NO WAY TO PASS THIS HALL WITH YOUR EYES OPEN -- and that is a long way to try to pass with your eyes closed.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11083570

Dude, that's fucking awesome.
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