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Subject Unmasking the Shadow Government thru Obama's B.C.
Poster Handle Anonymous Cowardess
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“The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”

– J. Edgar Hoover (speaking about this Conspiracy)


Eight days after the presidential election, on November 12, 2008, the media finally vetted Barrack Obama – and we missed it. But, we’ve been given a second chance to come face-to-face with a monster.

However, before we get to the vetting we missed, it’s time we revisit that noisy, little fraudulent Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH) seal debossment photographed on the back of Barrack Obama’s short form ‘Certification of Live Birth’ (COLB), in 2008, by FactCheck.org. Because, if it weren’t for that tattle-tale seal debossment found in numerous fraudulent birth certificate images published online by other scam artists, then we would never know who Barrack Obama’s friends are.

Follow the debossed seals. Find Obama’s friends. Uncover the truth.

There is a lot of truth to uncover and volumes to share. There is so much previously misunderstood information, out there, in need of the unfiltered lens of truth. If I don’t pause now and enlist your help – I might miss something. And, we don’t want to miss anything, anymore. But, I hate to disappoint some of you…it’s going to take ‘Birthers,’ and ‘Truthers,’ open minds, and everyone else who are out of their cockamamie minds if they haven’t noticed that something terrible is bubbling below the surface, by now. Although this blog entry is chocked full of new discoveries, it’s a starting point – and we were deprived of a starting point with Barrack Obama. He was basically introduced to us on the eve of his presidency.

We have been presented a unique opportunity: the Enterprise accidentally showed all their cards trying to cover for Barrack Obama.

But, I understand that this nation has been divided, just so, by Barrack Obama, his friends, and the guys before Them – and that has kept Us from putting it all together. It’s just a fact. So, if you want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth – you are going to have to suspend your politics while you are here, today. It’s just you, me, Obama voters and every other type of Voter against Them: the shadow government that no one elected. There are no more Democrats, Republicans, Independents, nor Tea Partiers, in Washington D.C., there is only the rogue government –the Global Mafia – and they don’t let outsiders in. Just ask Herman Cain. Either we get it together, right now, and stand strong; or we let Them destroy more of Us. I’m not asking you to suspend your values – just your politics. And, I’m not asking you to do anything that I haven’t had to do, myself.

In fact, within the last few weeks, I have had to come to terms with the understanding that I was manipulated by Hillary Clinton, in 2008. There’s little doubt that she let me and 18 million voters anguish over the 2008 Democratic primary debacle because she and Obama planned it that way. Together. Why? Because, they had to disassociate themselves from one another, completely, and it had to be convincing. The tie that binds them is the darkest secret, of all, and not a whiff of it was coming out until after the election had safely passed. In the last few weeks, I have had to come to terms with the fact that the Clintons go way back with Obama’s family….way back to 1977, at least…and I’ll get to that in a bit.

As much as it pains me, the sooner Hillary Clinton’s supporters, like myself, admit the truth about her – the sooner we can boot Barrack Obama out of our house. So, I offer this olive branch to conservatives and to those Obama voters who warned me, in 2008, that I don’t really want what the Clintons got: You were right and I was wrong. I see that now. But, if you honestly believed that the Bushes or Barrack Obama are different or better…you were wrong, too. We are all suckers in Their game.

And, if you still believe that Obama’s friends are your friends, it’s time to take a good long look and see that they are using you. Miki Booth is not on your side and FReeper ‘Danae’ does not share your values – they lie. They’ve wasted our time, energy, money, and more by playing political games. They stabbed us in the back. They deserve prison, and nothing less.

Instead, their phony loyalty has garnered them vacations to Hawaii, on your donations; and cruises in Alaska, on the dollars that Obama pays them. It’s disgusting. Enterprise members like FactCheck.org, Miki Booth, ‘Danae,’ James Coats, ‘Polarik,’ and others have produced, transferred, and trafficked in false identification documents bearing false identification features with the intent to defraud the United States of America. I make this statement knowing that I have done everything in my power to verify it is the Truth. I have two months of email communication with the HDOH and the Office of Information Practices (OIP) attorneys, two official HDOH embossed seal copies, and zero official HDOH debossed seal copies that prove the effort I made was tremendous. I begged the HDOH to vindicate these people. They passed on the opportunity because these people are frauds. The HDOH does not maintain an official seal debossment.

It’s time to trust your common sense: The HDOH certifies all copies of their vital records with an official raised seal embossment.

We’ve always known it. And now that we spotted the shit-stains on their shorts, they wish to revise their earlier statements. Without any basis other than the word of a few anonymous people online – Barrack Obama’s friends – the Global Mafia expects us to believe that 35 year old vital records regulations are wrong and Barrack Obama’s friends are right. But you [should] know better. However, if you are still uncertain about this truthful-true-fact, here are some good reasons you can be sure:

Ten Reasons to Believe...

...more here:

[link to obamasgarden.wordpress.com]
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