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Message Subject Unmasking the Shadow Government thru Obama's B.C.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
 Quoting: Anonymous Cowardess 10537954

I've got to say GREAT JOB on going thru the ball of mess that's surrounds BHO's BS!
I put together a supposition over a year ago as to how he came about and for what reason, and I believe it goes all the way back to the before Iran hostage era- at elast the "go ahead" to get him rolling into position was ordered by then.
His "creation" was conceived by various people in the mid-70's.
Without even hearing his or the Clinton's political standings, I could look at them all individually and know not to trust them! Yes all politicians lie to get what they want, but the extremes that they go to is what bothers me and BHO's people have gone very FAR!
Once again great job- those who cannot fathom the depths of this "lie" can't begin to understand the layers upon layers of what was done to put this idiot in charge!
If you can't get it, then don't vote in 2012!
Kiss your rights goodbye and just put your head in the sand with the rest of the "Sheeple" and hope for the best...
 Quoting: Risqman

Thank you...But, I don't intend to give anyone my vote to manipulate. I am going to the polls, asking for a ballot and sticking it in a trash can then leaving.
 Quoting: Anonymous Cowardess 10537954

And where do you find paper ballots?
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