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Message Subject Unmasking the Shadow Government thru Obama's B.C.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
We're all getting played, same as always.


F*ing please, they'll keep shoving this crap down everyone throat until we all STOP PLAYING THE GAME.

Let me gess, all we have to do to be SAVED, from Obama's and the Dem's Plot to kill us all, is Vote for the GOP?

Sure, sure, the World will be Saved from it's Money, same as with the Dem's.

It's the Banks running the Show, and that's what it is, a Show, a Puppet Show, Governance is the Puppet, and Banks pull the Strings.

If we ever got a Real leader like General Jackson, they'd shoot him Dead. That's how ya know when ya have a real leader, an Honest Man does not live long.

F*'em, F*em all, I would not Vote for any of them.

Show me where Jesus ran for Office?

Show me where Jesus wrote a Book?

Show me where Jesus Voted to Change the World?

It's up to us, when we stop playing the Game, stop being Sheep and tell the Banks to`"Go fly a Kite", then we'll all be free.
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