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Message Subject What women really want from men...the male point of view. What do you think ladies, any truth in this??
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ok, you want an honest answer from a woman, but I guarantee men will laugh and women will be pissed, but here it is..Women want a dangerous looking guy who walks into a room and owns it..not from being loud or talking all the time,but owns it because he emits POWER. They want a man who will throw them down on the bed and make them want him. NOT RAPE! Understand this...^^^ They want truth, honesty, loyalty..a hard worker they do not have to financially support unless, through no fault of his own, the man runs into hard times long after you have known each other...a man who is a MAN! Not someone they can walk all over..

Haven't you ever noticed that the women you have been with that bitched about everything and were never happy were women that walked all over you? Women who had changed you in certain ways? She stayed with you until something better came along. It was over the minute you changed and gave into her. They all want a MAN who will say no, who will take care of business and treat them with respect. TRUST is huge!! Without trust, you have nothing.
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 Quoting: Monbazillac

I'm amazed, but guys still have to do all the work.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5570859

How so? Explain, please
 Quoting: aBiNoRmAl

The female sits back and picks, while the guy spends all the money, takes the risks, and has to do all the impressing, maybe she has to look her best, which isn't hard unless she is obese or has a deformity, but even then she still has some choices.
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