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Message Subject What women really want from men...the male point of view. What do you think ladies, any truth in this??
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Men are basic, simple creatures...they want 3 things....1)Acceptance of who they are...2)Sex...3) food...not necessarily in that order...they need to be men..they need to hunt(in more ways than one)..they need to be free to be men..if you try and contain their manliness, you end up with a boy...not a man...someone who will go behind your back and do all the things you are nagging and accusing him of doing...Give them their freedom and they will respect you and come home to you at night because they will want to...simple as that.!!!
 Quoting: aBiNoRmAl

No it isn't. I did all of the above and what I got was:

1st Husband - didn't work, drank all day at the titty bar putting my money in some girls g-string.

2nd Husband - Became a meth addict before my very eyes and tried to hit on married women right in front of me and got mad and told me I was being ridiculous when I said something. Not denying he was trying to sleep with her but I was being stupid by not letting him.

3rd guy (I quit marrying) - Became a meth head and stole my car, would break into my house at night and turn all of the lights on which would wake me up when he left.

Needless to say, now I quit dating.

Life is much better now.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10117829

No offense, but you did not have MEN..you had boys..you wasted yourself on unworthy boys..
 Quoting: aBiNoRmAl

I agree. However, I'm not sure I ever even met an actual man. Still haven't, until I do, I will be on my own.
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