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Message Subject What women really want from men...the male point of view. What do you think ladies, any truth in this??
Poster Handle Scarbedazzles
Post Content
Perhaps too many women looking for "trophy husbands", but those are probably the foolish ones.
 Quoting: bigrex

I never made it to the second page but I had to comment to this....."Trophy Husbands"??? Wait wha?

Never heard of such a thing. lol..... BUT....

Trophy Wives is another thing all together. Most men either have one or wish they did. Television is chock full of fatty hubbys with fit and fab wives for the taking. Men are more visually stimulated I agree, BUT what does that say about their need for companionship and cerebral communication? What they want is to go with the guys for all that....have a hottie at home, vittles on the table, wifey hap, hap, happy to just be there waiting.

REALITY check.....

relationships are a two way street.....

I, am a trophy wife
Married to an older man
tons of sex all the time
dinner hot and ready
attractive, clean, children who love Dad
I adore my man
he adores me
we spend all our time together (yep, even groceries)
he is successful
I am successful
kids are successful...(grades, sports, arts)

My advice is this....

you are going to get out of a relationship, (or out of a woman) exactly what you put in. Just like your body.....Garbage in, garbage out.....

good old saying....."You get what you pay for"
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