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Message Subject What women really want from men...the male point of view. What do you think ladies, any truth in this??
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You drama queens worry about some of the most ignorant shit ever put on the face of this earth! Both men and women! Get a fucking clue! This shit is not that important! Why is this pinned when other stuff that is for real and life-threatenting should be up here? You assholes are all fucked int he head crazy. Stupid men wanna be goddamn babies for the rest of their lives. Go eat a dick for fuck's sake! Damn women are attention whores cuz "you better not talk to so and so or I'll beat your ass!" This shit needs to stop. grow up dumb asses and get over it.
Improve yourselves or die off! plain and simple! Men, you don't' need a mama, women you either get your shit straight or go fucking marry a goddamn banker! It's tit for tat here baby,so deal with it.
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