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Message Subject What women really want from men...the male point of view. What do you think ladies, any truth in this??
Poster Handle aBiNoRmAl
Post Content
Since I posted in this thread yesterday, I also thought of something else...some of you guys talking about women who only want you for your money, shoes, etc..think about this and think about this honestly......when you first met those women, didn't they look high maintenance from the beginning? Hair done all nice, nails long and polished, clothes, make-up..they looked "hot" to you? Possibly met them in a bar? There are women who are on the prowl just for a man who can give them material things, no doubt about that. They probably came off as strong in their wants and needs from the get go, yes? That is a huge WARNING!! Probably set up house keeping in your house really quick..leaving stuff behind when they left so they had a reason to come back?? Usually has a sob story about dudes treating them badly when they do so much for them...cooking, cleaning, blah, blah, blah..sometimes still in a relationship they are "trying" to get out of???

This is not to imply that women who take care of themselves and look nice are all like this...not at all..but...there are signs you should look for.
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