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Message Subject Went to COSTCO today and it was busier than I've seen it like people were preparing for a NATURAL DISASTER or something!!
Poster Handle LindaE
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I haven't done the Costco run this month, but I noticed when I was at WalMart last week in the grocery section that they had a large, three tiered cart with what I believe are called #10 cans.

Went closer for a look and found that it was all sorts of mixes and dehydrated foods. You could get dry milk, bread mixes, drink mixes, fake bacon bits, fruit, and several types of vegetables (dried). It was pretty well picked over by the time I saw it.

Got a can of dehydrated celery. I've never tried drying my own celery, although I regularly do frozen mixed veggies in the dehydrator and they come out well.

I was just surprised that they were being so obvious about it. And I know in our area (Puget Sound) we have quite a bit of military presence and they're pushing Preparation and Preparedness. They even have one of those little magnetic cards that they've given out with their prepare website/twitter addy.
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