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Message Subject Breaking!!?? North Korea warning Indiscriminate strike & SK Civilian to evacuate to safety zone in advance on Feb 20
Poster Handle WileyThailey
Post Content
Really think North Korea is in a position for war? Still having problems feeding their people.

A limited strike maybe than pleading for food aid again as usual.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6750590

Ummm, they feed the military in lieu of the people. And his stick we are told is a Nuclear weapon. With a testosterone kid on the trigger none of us really know shit about!!!!! This is not his Dad looking at shit people. Probably the scariest thing I have read in my Lifetime and I am 36---
God willing its another false flag psy-op, least what I am telling myself so I can peacefully sleep!!!!!

Now excuse me I need to go clean the shit off my seat!!!!!!!!

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