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Message Subject Twin souls, twin flames... Earth are coming back to life, filled with love joy
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If time and space are both illusion, how then could you be separate from anything? You are not separate from your twin flame truly and energetically...how could you be? Looking for a twin flame seems from a certain point of view to be more on a romantic level, then of the oneness.

I am one with all life EVERYWHERE and can feel my twins presece daily in my life, I am content with that as I am in love with sophia. Now, I'm not saying that it is wrong or can not happen, simply why does it need to, for subtle subtle can the illusion be that creeps in through such thoughts.

Often times in the new age community, many light workers are still seeking to be rescued, they have been raised on the same romantic cartoons such as snow white and others as everyone else, so that they would look for twin flame outside of themselves...in other words in the illusion.

Let's say that you met your "twin flame" and you, through your separateness and a myriad of experience find that you are simply incompatible now? What then? However, what if life and joy WHERE your twin flame, then not just each person you come in contact with, but each event would be treated with the graceful hands of a concerned and unconditional lover, for in truth this is what counts. This is how we will "win"...loving all life as though it is are twin flame...for it is!
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thankyou for sharing truth and wisdom here
Reality and truth evolves as we do

One love
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You are more than welcome for you are another me and by sharing with you my twin flame we ALL fly as children of the one.
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