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Message Subject Twin souls, twin flames... Earth are coming back to life, filled with love joy
Poster Handle 141
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My entire life I've received information from some source, the best I've pin pointed it has been my higher-self/source. It has lead me on many a journey through the mind which is what I pursue in every life that we take on this spiral that is humanity. Ten years ago I dedicated myself to the upliftment of this most beautiful planet, nay one of the most fond planets in my great journey through the cosmos. I began practicing that which resonates with my soul the energy work required to free an entire planet from bondage. I first had to free myself from the mental bondage of an entire system designed to leave people in sheer bewilderment at its intoxicating entrapment.

I will continue to seek the highest order of energies for this planet and her peoples until the beginning of the new age where man once again stands at the fervently desired precipice of the source that has created all manner of love.

We shall keep remembering who we are and what we've come for until this planet is a shining beacon of light for all creation to see.

We love you Gaea, you shall ascend I affirm this for eternity.

As-Salāmu `Alaykum

Verum Pacem
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2955373

Thankyou for sharing your love and wisdom here in the circle of truth

One love
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