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Message Subject 7-Year-Old Accused of Racism For Asking "Are You Brown Because You Are From Africa?"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Black folks are ashamed of being black. Which is why they try their best to hook up with white women or any other race because they won't accept the fact that their asses was born black and they are gonna die black. Get over it! it is what it is!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1031229

And IF that were the case, why are they ashamed of being black? It's easy to spew stupidity and ignorance while taking subtle shots, but try to find the root of their self-hatred.

Dig into the history of West Africans who were forced into slavery and spread across the globe. See how they contributed to the foundation of America and got nothing in return. I won't even get into the violence and psychological abuse these Africans endured.

Let's move into the 60's-80s where black people were mistreated and disrespected day in and day out. Homes burned, churches burned, kids killed, black teen boys disappearing only to be found lynched in the woods.

Now the 80s, the imports of drugs and guns and the lust for material wants are a bad mix. Where were these energies being directed? To poor black teens surrounded by guns and drugsin poor neighborhoods. What's left to do? Your family doesn't have shit. Your father was kicked out because that would be only way your "household" could qualify for government benefits. So now you have no direction from a male figure, your mother is never home, Your white school teachers couldn't give two shits if you learned or not. So what to do? Sell the drugs that were brought into your neighborhood.

Start adding things up buddy. There's a reason little black girls are picking white dolls instead of black dolls when it comes to preference. Do you research and learn about the people you are talking shit about before you speak again.
 Quoting: Yitro

Excuse, excuses.

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