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Message Subject 7-Year-Old Accused of Racism For Asking "Are You Brown Because You Are From Africa?"
Poster Handle live by the sword
Post Content
My three year old daughter and I were in a pizza place and these two black men next to us kept using the "N" word back and forth with each other.

We had to get up and move because when my three year old comes out with the "N" word, then I am a racist, right?

I didn't even mention race to my children, but one day when we went to pick up my nephew from football practice, we were waiting in the car and I was reading and suddenly my kid says, "Mom, where are all of the peach people?"

When I looked up, all of the football players were coming out of the school and they were all black until my nephew came out. Kids notice color and are curious, that is all.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10117829

NHS = national health service. As in British health sevice. As in Britain, a small island off the west coast of europe.

Mr America, the world no longer revolves around you. And the government of the UK is the American equivalent of the republican party, so the liberal comments are way off.
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