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Subject 'Nuclear bombs' are a hoax - and the consequences
Poster Handle rerevisionist
Post Content
This site--

[link to www.nukelies.com]

is the site dealing with this topic, and related topics such as nuclear power. Please take it seriously!

It's important Americans in particular have some understanding of this, since you will be asked yet again to underwrite the costs of war as a client of Israel. What will happen if the US is suckered yet again will be determined by 'conventional' weapons - though these of course have advanced, if it can be called that, in lots of ways.

Just a comment: it may turn out that large aircraft carriers/ battleships turn out to be as obsolete as castles did in the late Middle Ages, after gunpowder was discoevred/invented.

[Note: I posted here because records suggest there are links from 'godlikeproductions' to Nukelies - though I couldn't find any]
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