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Subject What Others Think Does Matter! - A reframe of how we think about each other - One of you could be the Messiah!
Poster Handle calin
Post Content
When I watched this video, I found it expressed how I view folks in general most times, as well as, here at GLP.

One can reframe your perspective of others - here's how:

Treat them with love and respect
Expect the best from them
Focus on their strengths

What would the world be like if we treated each other as possible Messiahs? This is something we ALL can do for a change in our world.

Within each of you is a power that will help bend history... create an impact... and Change the World!!! Together we can! I believe it!

Before you write a reply stating that there is only one Messiah, please view the video to see what that means.

Please watch to the end...

TEDxMileHighSalon - Cesar Gonzalez - What Others Think Does Matter

Uploaded by TEDxTalks on Feb 18, 2012

By age 16, Cesar Gonzalez had lived on four continents. He later found himself with a degree from Caltech and a tremendous opportunity as an Unreasonable Fellow. Today, he is a permanent member of that extraordinary team. In this TEDxMileHighSalon Talk, he illustrates the power of community and our expectations to deliver extraordinary results. He doesn't have all the answers, but does have something unexpected to share at the end of his Talk...
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