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Message Subject IT'S ON: IDF to deploy Iron Dome in Central Israel
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Don't you get it?

Iran's theocratic leadership, including the Ayatollah want Israel and the west to attack them, they are virtually begging for it now... They cannot unleash their war plans unless they are first the victims of an attack by the "great Satan" (USA) and Israel.

Defenses against missile attacks may offer some security where there is none, but it will be completely ineffective against an Iranian sponsored series of attacks and retaliations.

Israel and the west are being baited by Iran, and it seems they are taking it, hook line and sinker.
 Quoting: Praescientia

Why does "baiting" matter? I understand your point, but I think we've gone waaaay beyond that now. I mean, it's been obvious for years that Iran wants to destroy Israel (and the U.S.) and have been working toward achieving it militarily and have said so just about every month. The US and Europe and Israel have spent billions of dollars - taxpayer dollars - preparing for when and if they act instead of talk. They have done all this in order to ignore them and not get into a regional or World war.

If we or Israel had taken out Iran's nuclear facilities years ago, we would have saved billions of dollars and a lot of hassle and possibly avoided the major confrontation we are going to see soon. But - we had to listen to the UN and follow their rules and blah blah blah and keep punishing the people of Iran - not the leadership - with crippling sanctions. I'd like to know when, just once, sanctions have ever worked anywhere. They may have helped cripple some military might here and there, but ultimately they keep the people of said country poor and suffering when one good missile would have saved everyone the hassle.
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