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Message Subject IT'S ON: IDF to deploy Iron Dome in Central Israel
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Don't you get it?

Iran's theocratic leadership, including the Ayatollah want Israel and the west to attack them, they are virtually begging for it now... They cannot unleash their war plans unless they are first the victims of an attack by the "great Satan" (USA) and Israel.

Defenses against missile attacks may offer some security where there is none, but it will be completely ineffective against an Iranian sponsored series of attacks and retaliations.

Israel and the west are being baited by Iran, and it seems they are taking it, hook line and sinker.
 Quoting: Praescientia

I don't see Iran baiting anyone, unless you call them insisting they're a sovereign nation "baiting". Iran has done NOTHING to provoke anyone. All of the provoking comes from the nuclear armed west and Israel.
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