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Message Subject Changes required for a better democracy
Poster Handle humanitech
Post Content
The human condition of sin is the root of your problem.
One man died to "fix" your condition. You must accept the new "program".
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1419030

Sorry friend, but sadly it is your artificially creted polarised god/devil delusions and all the other fake and corrupt institutionalised hierarchies and doctrines that are actually the problem...not the solution.

There is no higher or lower order or hierarchy in the infinite bipolar universe friend..never was or will be..except through the deluded minds of stupid organisms who have either little understanding of themselves or the world and universe they live in...and basically can't handle the truth of universal reality.

Luckily thought I humbly respect that it's your right and choice to follow, bow down and serve any number of fake man made elitist belief systems and polarised hierarchal doctrines..but oneday you might eventually realise they where just designed to enslave you to hierarchal rule...which your comment actually proves
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