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Message Subject Prediction: Whitney Houston-The Rule of Three & New Jersey
Poster Handle Anonymous Cowherder
Post Content
I notice the media puts a lot of interest in past actors or singers just before they die. Micheal had not done much in years and the media trashed him also. The media made Heath Ledger look like a druggie and then he dies. Same with Corey Haim and many others. Think of the older celebs that are in the media today because of their looks, weight, drugs etc..

MC might be next since he has been shown looking bad. Same with old Shep.

Peace to all
 Quoting: Amy_A

Amy who's MC?
 Quoting: Betsy_B 3390778

Also, who's old Shep?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1528473

I think she means Miley Cyrus and Shepard Smith, but I could be 100% wrong.

And the "he has been" makes me at least 50% wrong.
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