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Message Subject The saddest thing in life is, you die and get ended, as if you never existed.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yes, that is true! And the life time is so short, that sometimes people cannot realize the fact, that after they die, they get ended.
Yes! Some months I realized this fact. It is so, as you say.
You are here, get born, you live and have some joy. You learn so much about the world, you are in it. You learn to live and survive there, with all problems and consequences.
And then, one day, you make a real discovery: Though you try hard, to get it, it will be taken from you - your life, your beloved, your all. You stand naked before nothing. Nothing you can take with you! You go, to never return. That is very sad, indeed.
Some people say, you live in your children in the future. But that is only a little bit true, and your children are one day old, too, and maybe they got Alzheimer.
So, what can be concluded further more?
One friend of mine wrote a nice song. There is told: "It is your honour, to have had lived! And if you got forgotten, that does not matter, because you had been here for sure!"
Maybe, it should be enough, that you are here. lolhf
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