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Message Subject [Finished] Phase 2: I alone am effecting the Magnetosphere with nothing more then the mind. Proof inside.
Poster Handle Amy_A
Post Content
What are you actually doing and how do you go about it? What are you concentrating on. Is this ability the same as telekinesis or trying to change the weather? How are you getting the pictures and how do you know you made a change. I guess I don't see the full picture yet but I am happy you are trying to learn more about how the world ticks. I am sure I would be interesting in what you tell me and how you found this new sense. How did you discover it, What did you discover, Do you try to manipulate other things with your mind?

Peace to you
 Quoting: Amy_A

I don't really want to go into specifics because I don't really know what could be done w/ such knowledge.

I realized the sense by backtracking my steps at work. If you read earlier...the bathroom door shut behind me and the faucet turned on to the right temperature. I remembered that soon as I touched the handle to the door I needed, like desperately for the door to close behind me and I needed a good hot shower because of the crazy run we just ran (I'm in the army.)

I remembered at work that I was like "um ok" and sort of finished opening the door and voila it all sorta fell in place.

So now I do different techniques and learn different things to do...with a hecka lot of trial and error.
 Quoting: LakeXeno

That sounds incredibly exciting. I have seen a few things lately that I still cannot explain. I understand what you mean about going into specifics and you may not be able to explain it to someone who has no clue what you are going through. Keep up the mental exercises. Good Luck to you Sir.

Peace to all
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