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Message Subject Movement "I DON'T PAY" is spreading across Europe (english subs)
Poster Handle Liberty87
Post Content
Ok so I get the idea. I get the backlash against the governments and why it is there. I understand and personally feel for these people and would be right there with them IF... it weren't for the simple fact that while this is a GREAT way to get the government's attention and whatnot but that it is seriously leading down the road to socialism and communism. Pick your preference of how involved the government would be in economics and it's one or the other. If this is a temporary thing and these people would have NO problem paying if the government was doing shit right, then I would completely support them if it ended should their government be fixed. However the idea of things being "free" and "should be" free... yeah no. My family escaped Cuba and moved here to the USA. Like I said... as a protest and with intentions to go back to the normal system of paying for a PRIVILEGE (riding the metro is NOT a RIGHT but a privilege)... then I'm all for this temporary movement. But if this is an idea that somehow these things should simply be PROVIDED TO US for nothing... hell no.
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