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Message Subject Eve of Destruction
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It's truly heart breaking that we must see what comes. It is even sadder that while many on here know the reasons of what is happening and what has happened, that the bulk of Americans still believe that 19 terrorists brought down 3 buildings.

That we entered, pre-emptively, 2 countries for retaliation of the events of that fateful day, AND YET, not ONE SOLDIER, not ONE DRONE, or ROCKET, or BULLET has found it's mark because the purported terrorists were SAUDI's.

And now, we hear the same old stories. The same old lies.

Weapons of Mass Destruction. We cannot have a Nuclear Iraq.. sorry, I meant Iran.

And all the while, the peons forget that it was US, as in U.S. who installed/created the TALIBAN. And the sheep shall graze, al the while ignoring the fact that Bin Laden was a CIA Operative.

Or that Iraq and the Iraqi government was largely supported with money or weapons during the 80's. Or that Bin Laden and the Taliban were given Billion$ in weapons to "fight" the Russians.

How many of those weapons are now being used against our own troops?

The players change, the story remains the same. And the idiots grazing are none the wiser.

It breaks my heart to know, that many do not know.
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