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Subject the center of my skull was vibrating/shocked wtf?? any thoughts???
Poster Handle monkeyman
Post Content
i woke up last night around one am. i dont recall the dream i was having, but i had the physical sense of a frightening dream: my body was tingling in away it does when these types of dreams occur.

so i was lying there, in bed, processing the "fear" sensations i was having (without a mental explanation of the fear as i couldnt remember my dream and there wasnt any other obvious cause for a fear response). why was i feeling fear? (or maybe why was my body reacting as it does when i feel fear).

after a minute or two, i felt this sensation in the center of my skull (i assume my brain) that felt like a mild shock. it didnt hurt, but it was very noticeable.

it only lasted a split second, yet i could feel a build up. i could feel something starting, then the shock, then it was gone - all in a blink of an eye.

i was left in a state of confusion, not so much from the shock/vibration sensation, but trying to figure out wtf just occurred.

the fear sensation disappeared too, but i am not certain in which order (or if all at the same time).

my initial thought was my brain was just scanned. i dont really think it was scanned, and i have no explanations of how/why it was scanned (i have never had any abductions - whether govt or aliens or both - and i am not suggesting that occurred, though an open to all possibilities lol) just that was the thought that popped in my head.

has anything like this happened to any one else?

maybe this is related. over the past year or so, i have noticed many times while lying in bed with my eyes shut the light movements you see in your closed eyes yet there is an external light source. at first i always assumed it was car headlights shining in my bedroom (my bedroom faces the road) yet every time i open my eyes to see the headlights inside my room, there are no external lights. i have since kept my eyes shut when this occurs to see if anything else happens. nothing has, but i am still playing around with whatever is causing the lights.
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