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Message Subject Right now were dead, when we die we wake up
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Totally agree as our spirit is bound to these physical bodies, thus subject to the elements. A pure (free) spirit being placed in a physical body that is subject to the elements taken from its natural spiritual form (pure and not bound), does not sound like a promotion to me. This place is ruled by evil (another sign) and filled with suffering,labor and pain. Yet it is as one would call hell (being doctrinally enfluenced) or it can be observed as the womb.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1330761

Agreed, i know, or would like 2 think that I Am actually an infinite manifestation of divine creation, all existing, all knowing, beautiful and perfect.

But in this life I can't feel a shred of that, I'm just a bloated chemical body full of pains and discomfort, a traumatized mind filled with anger, distrust, trauma, ignorance, longing for truth, divinity, happiness and nevEr ever ever ever obtain it, fuck this trap I want out.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5254869

Thats me OP, cause I was in a accident. I had maybe four pain free years of youth and goodlooks, and thats it, Four years from ages 16-20

The rest of my life has been chronic pain and struggle. If it werent for those that cared for me, Id be gone. Theres nothing in this world I really want.

Bro I feel ya, i got chronic pain too, it started when i was like 18, i was a junkie on opiates for years afterwards, even injected crack and oxycodone, I've been clean for a year and still nowhere close to being happy, nowhere. There's nothing in this reality i want or look forward to, NOTHING.
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