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Message Subject Right now were dead, when we die we wake up
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
it's about the journey, not the destination.

This life is not a means to an end; it already IS the END.

the journey is the purpose. the destination is the illusion. The journey may be going thru a rocky road, but as your legs grow stronger you learn to stop falling.

the biggest mistake of man is assuming that things -- the "effect" -- have to exist for a reason, and that they must have a "cause" which is different / separate from they in themselves. The Cause *is* the Effect -- there is no separation. What brings suffering to man is this eternal quest for meaning , purpose and justification that has nothing to do with Him or what he is experiencing. Experience, not mattering how intense or bad, IS the purpose of Creation. You are here for this purpose, cause this place provides many intense experiences.

once you reach a level you begin to understand that the only real purpose is a lack of one; the only real meaning is a lack of meaning. We are truly happy when we act spontaneously, without all the assumptions and the contrivance to obtain "results" and to reach for "answers". The only answer is no answer; the only answer is silent contemplation; it is learning to sit down , be still, and accept that which IS and not that which you WANT to be. Things are what they are, and they don't NEED any reason to to be. Man suffers greatly because he is always seekinZg for answers that do not exist. You have to STOP making questions to start KNOWING the answers. Ever seen those students who have to ask about everything during class? What would happen if they would shut up for a while to meditate on finding the answers themselves? E

The Truth is right here and now -- it is what it is. Your tendency to desire
for something "else", something that will take place "after" this life, and that will probably be "better" -- all of this already creates a separation in your mind, which breeds expectation, anxiety, and hence suffering. This is caused by your subconscious belief in duality still. Besides, suffering is rooted on desire.

This place is the only place to be. You couldn't be in a batter place than here. It's all happening according to the Plan, the Flow, the Higher Good. Your Higher Self will see it through that you go where you need to go. Thus, you do not need to concern yourself with the destination, you see? It's only the journey that matters. Make the most of it.

This is an illusion, a distraction, but a VERY necessary one. You must learn to cherish this life as if it was the only one you'll ever have. Technically we are all immortal spirits, but you'll never have another chance to experience this particular arrangement of sensorial inputs with the same intensity. It's like the first time when we hear a song... The first time is never going to be the same experience. Yeap, perhaps when you reach the5th dimension you will be able to review this life over and over again, but it won't be the same.
 Quoting: gus 11099725

Ok but even knowing this how do i transform it into actual happiness? It's not like I never Thought about what u said, it just doesn't make me feel any better, btw I'm way past using empty new age terms like higher self or 5th dimension, can you honestly vouch for any of those things bein real?

New age let's just you down just like religion, nothing but empty words but no tangible results, I believe in nothing now.
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