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Message Subject Why does the Vatican look like a giant Key from an aerial perspective? (pics inside)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
better question... why does the home of a religion which has "voluntarily living a life in poverty" as requirement to become a priest require its own BANK.
 Quoting: Roentgen®

Saint Peters church was founded by, SAINT PETER!!, it is still there for a reason, and that reason will mke itself abundantly clear "oneday" Talk to a catholic priest or sister and educate yourself.

Its not allways about money. The devil is in the detail.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11119274

With The Vatican: It's a Case of Do as I Say & Not as I do..

Saint Peter Never went to The Vatican, If you educate yourself by reading The Bible instead of asking a Priest or Nun, You will Find That Jesus sent Peter to Preach to the Jewish Race, The Rock: He builds His Church on is Himself!

All through The Bible The Rock is Christ, If you read the Verse after He calls Peter "A" Rock (& Not "THE" Rock) He then Condemns Peter Telling Him that He loves The Ways of Man and Not God (Mark 8:33 & Matthew 16:23)

The Simon Peter Who The Catholic Church is Built on Is:
Simon Magus (a Man Witch) who told everyone He was Christ Re-incarnated He was the Original Pope and He Married all things Pagan under the guise of Christianity

At St peter's square there is a Giant Solar Wheel which is a Symbol for The Wheel of Life/Sun Worship Combined and they also have an Obelisk which is also Sun Symbolism with Obvious phallic symbolism.

The Sun Symbolism Never Quits in the Roman Catholic System
They sacrificed God's Holy Second Commandment(about idols poof its Gone!from Exodus 20:4-6) and The Forth one They Sacrificed directly to the Sun(-day) itself.
[link to www.the-ten-commandments.org]

Look at the Eucharist its an obvious Sun disk, The Roman Priests who predate Christ also had The Sun-wafer Ceremony where the Sun God was called out of Heaven and put into a Wafer for them to ingest.(gaining The Power of the Sun)

All the Saints, Mary, Christ and Papal Persons are often depicted with Sun Disks behind Their Heads, Which in the East means they are Enlightened (With The Power of The Sun)

All, I repeat "All" paganism dating back to the Time of Nimrod is Celebrated inside of The Catholic Church.

Just "One" of the many Reasons it is The Antichrist Power mentioned in Revelation/Daniel "Home of Every Unclean Bird" (Revelation 18:2)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1406613

Theres a reason we are called "Christians" thats is CATHOLIC Christians. There are no other. Its called Saint Peters Square for a reason...............

As for the "sun disc" thing you got happening there, oh please. The "halo" so often represented around pictures of saints etc is there simply to imply "holiness" or better put, the spirit in visual theme.
To go further and say its sun worship is a reach, with NOTHING to back it up. The "roman priests who predate christ" could not possibly been called "christian" so that puts a stop to that lark.
I dont know the history behind this "obelisk" but to put a "Obvious phallic symbolism" to it is quite frankly, another "reach"

Islam is built upon the first testament. Up and until the time of Jesus. Then things go a bit haywire. Not that Im knocking them. "There is no god but allah", or whatever it is they say, isnt a far reach, they have that bit right.

Im quite sure that God wouldnt allow the church he built to become so distorted as to worship the sun and not him.

"The Simon Peter Who The Catholic Church is Built on Is:
Simon Magus (a Man Witch) who told everyone He was Christ Re-incarnated He was the Original Pope and He Married all things Pagan under the guise of Christianity"

crap. just one little word. means sooo much.

You REALLY need to lighten up a bit here, your taking it all a bit too far.

Faith requires TRUST. Trust IS faith.

Faith is beleiving your heart, not just what someone tells you, cause your heart is where God lives.

Have faith and trust in your own belief, in your own heart, in what god tells you. Love one another and do as you would have others do to you. Its pretty simple.

There are people "out there" who think they are "special" so special in fact they want to tell everyone else just how good they are. Be very careful with these people. These people will say ANYTHING to make you beleive they are special.

Do you REALLY believe that the catholic church is some kind of front for a "sun worshipping" cult based on pagan beleifs??

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11119274

What is the day of worship again?

Oh yes, that's right - Sunday

Interestingly enough, shortly after sunset on SUNday, MOONday begins
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