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Message Subject Do you know how it feels to be an outcast from every single belief system in the world ?
Poster Handle C. Future Moment
Post Content
I do belong to a belief system (ok giving the irony away easily now) it is called live and let live ................IN PEACE : )

We are all bound by the rules of peace. Every single one of us. Even the angry, hateful, bigoted, greedy, warlike. And even ME. haaaaaaaaaa Just like anyone else.

It is only the AVERAGE that rules. Only the basic that applies. Only the universal that fits. All else is egomaniacal nonsense set up by those who just are too stubborn to see the truth. But one day ......one day all will see the truth of existence. This i know. And this is the paradox. I don't know why i know the outcome so well. How could someone who believes in the greatness of average know the outcome so well ?
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