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Message Subject Women: would YOU cheat under these circumstances?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It's sweet to see a husband care so much hf

I would never cheat on my husband NO MATTER WHAT. We made a vow to each other!

Something to remember - In my experience people that get defensive are often lying about what they are saying. If you think she has while you were gone, ask her. She how she responds. If she laughs it off, good sign. If she gets angry or crazy feeling "hurt" then you might start pulling up phone records... Or a seriously offended, "I can't believe you would ask me that! You don't trust me at all do you??" The guilty will usually try to turn the situation around on you, making you feel like the ass.

Again this is from personal experience with my 'gfs'. Mostly military wife's from some reason... Sad really verysad
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10830951

Excellent feedback, thank you. My wife and I are able to communicate without the need for games, hiding behind words, drama, delusion and deceit, etc. It has taken a lot of years to get there, but we did it and we realize how fragile that is to maintain, so we stay diligent to communicate honestly and with compassion, no judgements. She knows my insecurities on this matter and is very consoling and supportive. At one point I did in fact communicate my concerns that she may be getting too close to a guy we know, but she responded with kindness and sadness that I believed she would do such a thing. No drama, no outrage. Nonetheless, despite her innocense, she refrained from having contact with the guy out of respect for what I am going through. For my part, I still give her complete freedom without needing to know who she is speaking with, where she has been, etc. I DO trust her, but I still worry that she is after all.......human.
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