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Message Subject Does anyone else feel like you are talking to cavemen when you are out in the real world?
Poster Handle Esoteric Morgan
Post Content
After pposting my last comment, I went back to read the ones I had missed.

Okay. I agreed that there's not much out there SEEMS really worth the time and effort, but, it seems that many of you see this as a marker to withdraw.

I tried that. I was in the same position, after my husband died. He was a deep, free thinker, who was passionate about things whiich interested me also. Now at the bar--same old people, same fluff to listen to. Friends? Well, none of them have ANY notion about what we would call 'awakening.' Same with family. There's really no one to talk with about the things that stir me.

That said, I totally enjoyed being alone, in my own self-guided world. And, it seems pretty certain that I will probably never venture into another relationship, simply because I have a feeling that I'll probably never get to meet anyone else who is like-minded. But, I love people. I really don't mind the mindless chatter, because I know I can change the topic very easily. If I can't, it's still like being a behavioral scientist, observing what makes people tick. Either way, I get to expand my horizons in some way. I think it keeps me centered in positive ways, for it's all a learning experience, which I can sometimes impress on others.

Especially when I hear something which may be unfair, or, inaccurate...then I get the chance to make a contribution. In fact, I was able to help an old lady home the other day. This made me feel useful.

The world is good and bad, interesting and boring, funny and sad, positive and negative. If we shield ourselves, we may have less opportunity to put what we have learned into action.

I am not a Jesus freak, but, I once read a story about something he said about the Jains, that sect in India that walk with brooms in order to sweep their path, lest they injure even the smallest of God's creatures.

Jesus is said to have commented: "The Jains are deluded." Why?

Well, sweeping bugs out of their path will only sweep them into someone else's, causing the next to step on them. It becomes an action of good intention, with no afterthought to the consequences placed on some other being. In doing this, you cause another to do exactly what was not correct for you.

If we sequester ourselves, perhaps believing that the more aesetic our lives, the greater our spiritual value becomes, we miss the opportunity to interact in some way that might heal another's soul...whether it be a simple smile to a stranger who might feel lost, or, along the lines that I stated before. Inaction may have little merit in the end.

On another note, the main reason I am here on GLP is so I CAN commiserate on an intelligence level that I prefer, while becoming more 'aware.' It is a form of interaction that does have its merits at times...like now, for me, as I extend my own personal point of view.

For as long as we have life in us, as long as we still breath, we really should be a beacon of the light we know shines within us. If that beacon lights the path for even one other person who lived in darkness, not only have we learned...we have guided.

Soooooo, I no longer stay completely in the shadows. Carry on.
 Quoting: Esoteric Morgan

Some very good points, but it is frustrating to see people making the same avoidable mistakes over and over. I am sort of an outsider that has many circles of friends and drifts from group to group. Most of the time I spend mediating or offering advice and wisdom to people in order to mitigate painful consequences that I see coming up in their lives.

I always talk to friends or acquaintances on whatever level they are on, but try to guide them to a better state of being. It's best just to be subtle and inject little pieces of truth or wisdom into conversations and plant seeds in their minds that will hopefully grow and lead to them being more awakened.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3554817

This was my point, to extend ourselves in whatever way we can. I've actually done what you describe for so long, that's where I got the idea that this was somehow my 'purpose' in life...what I do best.

I know what you mean about frustrating...

One of my childhood friends is pretty hopeless in many ways. She thinks of me as a sister, but, she has grown to be the exact opposite of me in just about every way. Bigoted, angry, complaining, war-mongering, snide, gossipy, can't stand being home, generally unhappy...she is stuck in a never-ending circle of self-inflicted pain. I think I am her anchor in some way. I do give her my best, yet, I know I can only say so much, without falling into some trap I'll have trouble getting out of. We have never had an argument, but, she sucks me dry at times.

Funny thing is, one of her biggest complaints is that people are getting increasingly stupid, and, she can't find anyone to have an intelligent conversation with...except me, she says. Ironically, when she calls I am usually just boosting her ego to cheer her along, as she once again goes through her laundry list of things that irk her. She would never discuss any of the things we read about here; in fact, talking to her is like being in a Seinfield episode...I am incidental to the conversation in her head. But, I am her lifelong friend. I listen and comment. We live minutes from each other, talk once or twice a week at least, and, see each other once every year or three. We do have our laughs when she's receptive, but, it's not consisent. I love her as a sister, and will always be there for her, but, it feels very one-sided. Another ironic thing is, my own sister, brother and mother are self absorbed like this. It's maddening at times.

If we recognize the unfortunate changes in society, only to feel safer to retreat within our own safe haven, or, become hopeless because we live in 'an inequitable world'--as my husband would put it-- we run the risk of losing our better selves in the process. He struggled to find humanity in mankind, and, lost himself to despair. It was only after putting himself out into that inequitable world in order to give it balance, did he find happiness.

The 'caveman' wording of your thread attracted me, because I actually do know what you mean by that; certainly, I have seen it. And, I must say it is worrisome, because this is not the way it WAS when I was growing up.

If are fortunate enough be have some degree of enlightenment, I truly believe this enlightenment should be there to offer someone as needed...assuming we were also fortunate enough to do this for someone else.

Yet, even with everything I said before, I would LOVE a simple life, somewhere serene, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, somewhere near flowing waters and brilliant star-studded skies--along with a telescope! This, of course, is a dream I have...something else I will probably never have. Yet, it is a nice fantasy I like to enjoy-- even if only a mental place for me to repose in. That I don't have it is fine. Just like, if I have to deal with any of our devovling species, that's fine also.

I guess I take what I can out of life. And, I'm lucky that I rarely find someone who's a bit too much to deal with!

Go with the flow...and, pray it's not a rapid.
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