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Message Subject Does anyone else feel like you are talking to cavemen when you are out in the real world?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have no one to talk to anymore..... Since i know so much more and i'm awake. I'd like to ask anyone here..is this a price we pay for awakening?
I dont find anyone awakening, not even after all that has happened, they know i'm awake, and they shun me....

So the big question here is, do THEY feel the same towards us? Does it work both ways?

Is there anything in the bible about this separation??
 Quoting: natasha77

There is no "price" for awakening. Being a victim isn't being awake. When you are awake the need to talk to people isn't there anymore. You can enjoy it when you do but you don't require it to fulfill yourself.

When you are truely awake there is no "separation" from awaken or unawaken. All are from the same source and are loved and valued no matter what.
 Quoting: Zephyr2

True, but when awoken, theres is a awareness of difference, a aloneness that occurs, others that no longer enjoy your company because they see you as being negative and boring because you no longer want to play the games or talk about superficial shit but thats when the personal work of being aware and becoming humble in order to bring in real universal love into your heart becomes a real priority, not only because it heals others and you, but also because "becoming aware" without compassion and love can lead to psychological and emotional issues..
And this is why the "aloneness" takes place in the first place, it sets you up to get ready for introspection, to face and transform your inner demons, ego, ect..I notice that in these stage, talking becomes difficult in the sense that your "aware" of everything you do and say,how it affects others and you, how you use your words, intent and energy..are you being a bitch? are you being selfish? is this your ego talking? Or should you just shut the fuk up until Love enters your heart completely?..
Its a long journey thru the dark night and "becoming aware"
is only the first door.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 788508

Very true. Thank you for your words of wisdom...I needed the reminder.hf
 Quoting: Zephyr2

hahaha! here's love for you ! hf
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